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I have spent more than 3 years developing and refining the process of my SEO audit. Trust me when I say that it's a long time to just analyze and understand the whole game! Once I finished developing and refining, I needed something more convincing and that is when I shared it with many users and the result was assuring. Hundreds of SEO campaigns tested this process and I am going to share this tested and trusted process today with you! I'm going to help you understand the process and eventually you will see the benefits as well. So let's begin with understanding first what you will get with the sign up -

A Complete Template for SEO Audit!

This template will help you in designing and streamlining the process of your SEO audit. The process' every single step comes with guidelines and instructions so that you can conduct an effective and proper SEO audit. In simpler terms,

you don't have to be an expert in SEO to get this audit right! All you have to do is just follow the steps. You will discover what is the actual reason behind your website's or your client's website SEO performance, holding back!

The template is worth much more than you think! This template is worth $1,000 minimum. Do you know why? It's because this template is the exact template that is used by almost everyone when clients need to get an audit done on their website. However, there's more that I am going to get you access to!

A Checklist for On-Page SEO

Use the 80-point on-page SEO checklist, which will help you in creating perfect and optimized pages. In addition to that, for every single keyword-targeted page that you are trying to rank, you can use this checklist as well. You will find the checklist on the second tab or tab #2.

Step-by-Step SOP

Although, the template is fantastic, you should know how you can find the issues as well as the thought process, which will help you to determine whether everything is right or wrong! That is exactly what this step-by-step SOP will offer you.

The SOP will show you what to do exactly through all the steps of the audit. What makes this SOP so awesome is the fact that it allows any user to do an SEO audit that can be considered expert-level! But that is just one good thing and there's a best part of this SOP: The best thing about this SOP is that any user can use it to train a VA, his or her team member, or practically anyone working with them. This will help greatly in delegating the process of SEO audit, which will certainly help you in saving hundreds or maybe even thousands of hours, especially if you are running or managing an SEO agency. Just the SOP is worth much more than $1,000; because of our countless hours and effort that was poured into creating the incredible and possibly the most effective process.

That is worth the value of $2,000!

What we request you to remember is the fact that performing SEO audits is undoubtedly the most essential part of a successful and brilliant SEO campaign.

Do you know why?

Because of the fact that it uncovers the issues that are holding back the performance of your site.

In other words, it can mean that the website that you won is most probably on a weak phase and weak foundation; if you have not done it the right way! After you discover and fix the pressing issues you can start using our SOP and template, and you will see that the foundation of your business and website are getting strong.

It goes without saying that when the foundation is strong, you will get better results

However, you will get only when you start to optimize UX/UI, develop your SEO content, and get more backlinks. You know well how crucial the SEO audits are and, therefore, I am going to share the SOP and template with you and everyone who can benefit from it! I am going to offer you an opportunity to get the access. You do not have to pay the actual amount of at least $2,000 for the SOP and SEO audit template! I am going to offer you the access to all these for

just $118.75 only!

Also, we should also mention that the SOP and the SEO audit template is white label. Therefore, you can include your own branding to both the documents. In addition to that, I would also like to mention another important information - I am also offering you the access to the version of "Client Only" of this template. This will make your task much easier; you can send this template to your client right after you are done with the SEO audit. You must be wondering how it is different. Well the answer is easy: It does not have every instruction, which a conventional or typical "In-House" template would have. It will only show your client the issues that you have discovered as well as those work that you have done.

Here's a quick summary of what you will get with this:

1. A proven template for SEO audit template, which is worth $1,000 or more

2. A complete Step-by-step SEO audit and SOP, which is worth $1,000 or more

3. An SEO audit template that has the "Client Only" version, which is priceless.
Finally, you can get an instant access to all the good things if you don't waste time and order right now!

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I can understand that you may still have many doubts in your mind, and one of the major factors that you are probably thinking about right now is money. So, let us make it easier for you: You have nothing to lose! We provide a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. With our proven SEO audit template, you will be able to perform audits professionally and accurately while taking your business or website to a new height!
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